Lithuanian PM hopes volunteers will suffice to fill up this year’s military draft

“I believe that this issue must be considered in a very responsible manner. As far as I know, preliminary data shows that today we have over 3,000 volunteers who are planning to serve in the Lithuanian army. Nobody has been forced to serve so far. This is actually what we promote – starting with volunteers. However, we must man our reserves and promotion of patriotism has never done anything bad to anybody. The attitude towards the Lithuanian army should be changed,” the PM said on Monday to reporters at the Seimas.

According to him, “if there are enough volunteers, then this autumn’s call-up will involve only volunteers”.

In the opinion of Butkevičius, the professional army currently is not manned so well because the labour payment system has not been motivating. “However, we are working on this too, the system will be revised,” he said.

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