Lithuanian politicians unlikely to legalize marijuana

While Germany now has plans to legalise medical marijuana to help people with serious illnesses, and it has already been decriminalised in Baltic neighbour Estonia, Lithuanian politicians are in no rush to make such a move saying that there is a lack of scientific and medical evidence about the positive properties of hemp, especially from the Lithuanian scientists.

Medical marijuana has been legalised in several US states, in the Czech Republic and Spain and in a number of countries in South America. It has also been decriminalized in Estonia.

Lithuanian toxicologist Robertas Badaras said that unlike naturally growing cannabis with low levels of psychotropic substances, artificially grown marijuana has almost no useful elements.

He also emphasised that even legal medical marijuana should not be smoked in rolled cigarettes because, like tobacco, it can cause lung disease and even cancer.

Drug, alcohol and tobacco control department spokeswoman Gražina Belian argued that Lithuania’s population did want the plant to made legal with as only 4% of people surveyed saying they wanted marijuana to be legalized.

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