Lithuanian president on Paris attacks: Terrorism never wins

“Such cruelty is unjustifiable and must be met with proper response and condemnation,” the Lithuanian president wrote in her letter to President Hollande.

President Grybauskaitė has expressed condolences to relatives of the victims in Paris and to all people of France, wishing them unity and courage, according to a press release from the Lithuanian president’s office.

“Terrorism never wins”

The Lithuanian president is going to Paris on Monday for a UNESCO forum. She said on Saturday that she would use the opportunity to express solidarity with the people of France.

“A terrorist attack has been carried out against France, so Lithuania and the world stand in solidarity and support for the French people. Terrorist seek to intimidate and rule, which is why we must not let yourselves be intimidated and the international community must find the most efficient way to defeat terrorism. This is why terrorism and its methods never win,” Grybauskaitė said in statement circulated on Saturday morning.

She added there was no raised threat of terrorism in Lithuania and all institutions responsible for security were on the watch.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has informed there are no confirmed information about Lithuanian nationals injured or killed during the terrorist attacks in Paris.

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