Lithuanian public would welcome ending of MP’s immunity from prosecution, says leading politician

Algis Čaplikas
DELFI / Orestas Gurevičius

Lithuania’s parliament should revoke the parliamentary immunity of MPs from prosecution, said the head of Lithuanian Freedom Union election headquarters Algis Čaplikas.

“Nothing terrible would happen. The public would welcome such a decision – seeing that the MPs themselves are not afraid. I remember a time when parliamentarians had full immunity, it was not possible to tap parliamentarians’ telephones. Let’s talk more broadly – about judges, the prosecutor’s immunity. Show the public that you will give up part of your privileges,” said Čaplikas.

However Order and Justice presidium member Kęstas Komskis said that Čaplikas’ position represented complete populism.

“You know full well that officials can carry out searches and even arrests. This immunity has long been gone. Moreover, the parliament member, when requesting permission to work with classified information, has to give institutions an authorisation to collect and receive information about them and his contacts. And no one is afraid to talk on the phone,” said Komskis.

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