Lithuanian rowers take home three medals at European Rowing Championships

A crew of four – Dovydas Nemeravičius, Martynas Džiaugys, Dominykas Jančionis and Aurimas Nemeravičius – took the silver medal in the men’s quadruple sculls, where rowers use an oar in each hand. With 500 meters left, they passed the Russian team to take second place, with the Estonian team taking first. The Estonians reached the finish line (2km away) in 6 minutes and 29.82 seconds. The Lithuanians lagged behind them by 2.16 seconds and beat the Russian team by only 0.29 seconds.

The Lithuanian double scull crew, consisting of Rolandas Maščinskas and Saulius Ritteris, took third place in their 2km race (7:17.79), with Croatia taking first (7:07.33) and Germany taking second (7:14.22).

In the single skull race, Mindaugas Griškonis took second place, beating Czech rower and former champion Ondrej Synek with a time of 8:19.30. Croatia took first place in the 2km race with a time of 8:05.59, while Synek had a time of 8:25.40.

Lithuanian teams came close to medal finishes in numerous 4th- and 5th-place finishes, but no other teams in the men’s or women’s races managed to win medals.

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