Lithuanian to head up World Bioenergy Association

Remigijus Lapinskas
DELFI / Tomas Vinickas

Remigijus Lapinskas was elected as the new president of the World Bionenergy Association in Istanbul.

For many years Mr. Lapinskas has headed the Lithuanian biomass energy association Litbioma.

“The fact that I was elected to take a very responsible position in the World Bioenergy Association is not only an evaluation of my personal achievements, but also Lithuania’s progress in the sector. Lithuania has become a positive example for many countries when in a relatively short period of time managed to achieve energy independence from Russian gas monopoly.

“If in 2000 biofuels produced only 2% of heating in Lithuania, we had to suffer unfair Gazprom‘s games and paid the highest political price for gas, but in 2015 61% of central heating was produced from biofuels. During those years we have developed the necessary legal framework and a favourable environment to operate for companies that manufacture advanced biofuels and biomass energy technology.

“About 7,000 professionals today work in such companies and the number is still significantly growing. We were the first in Europe to develop Baltpool Biofuel Exchange which helped to ensure price transparency and market efficiency. Our biofuel sector success stories are being studied at western countries,” said R. Lapinskas.

World Bioenergy Association currently unites about 200 national and regional biomass energy associations, international companies and renewable energy researchers, experts and public figures.

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