Lithuanian transportation app chosen as official 2016 Olympic app

Vinicius, one of the 2016 Rio de Janerio Summer Olympic Games' mascots

Martynas Gudonavičius, the executive director of Intelligent Communications, said that one of the requirements for the competition was to have a transportation solution already in place in Rio de Janeiro, a city of 12 million people.

“Since autumn of last year, there was a competition that included the best public transportation apps from around the world. The commission probably took our quality and experience into account, which helped us win. During the Olympic Games, they will suggest that people plan their routes with our app,” said Gudonavičius.

“The program will have a new Olympic menu item that will have information about Olympic objects of interest. Users will be able to learn what’s happening and where, and what means of transportation they should use to get to the games,” continued Gudonavičius.

According to him, the opportunity to precisely plan one’s trip with public transportation during the Olympic games will be very important because the stadiums, arenas and other objects will be scattered throughout a large part of the city. The Trafi app will show bus, express bus, metro, tram, train funicular and ferry schedules.

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