Lithuanians sweeping seafood markets in Riga

Lithuanian buyers are going to the Latvian capital to shop for fish and seafood.

Recently, Lithuanian flows to seafood markets in Riga have risen 89%, reports. On Fridays and Saturdays, Lithuanians make up one fourth of all shoppers the Riga Central Market and the “Gastronome” delicacy market.

“There are two reasons for the increased flow of buyers from Lithuania. First, the price. The dissatisfaction in Lithuania is understandable since prices of fresh fish and seafood are lower in Latvia. Some products are cheaper by as much as 30%. Another reason – the choice. Riga’s central market has an abundant offering of fish,” said Kęstutis Isakas, spokesman for the group that owns Gastronome.

He adds that Riga’s delicacy market has the largest selection of seafood and fresh fish from around the globe. “For example, shrimp is shipped from Senegal, Madagascar, lobsters from Canada, crabs from the Kamchatka, salmon from Scotland. There are 20 kinds of oyster delicacies at the market alone. The delicacy market sells just chilled fish and seafood. Fresh products are delivered three times a week. Most of them by airplanes,” said Isakas.

He adds that fish sales grew 17% since the beginning of the year while seafood sales soared 28%.

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