Lithuania’s Central Electoral Commission confirms final election results

Municipality elections
DELFI / Kiril Čachovskij

According to VRK Chairman, Zenonas Vaigauskas, election results in 38 municipalities were confirmed. In Širvintos District only the outcome of municipal elections was approved, whereas mayoral election results were annulled due to gross irregularities.

Members of the VRK discussed certain problematic municipalities, such as Jurbarkas, where pre-trial investigations were launched and possible vote-buying was observed.

Vaigauskas said that the VRK agreed to return to the issue and consider the legitimacy of municipal elections were it to receive information that councillors were elected infringing the Law on Election to Municipal Councils. According to the VRK chairman, separate candidates but not parties would be investigated.

On 8 March, the VRK validated election results in 19 municipalities, already after the first round of voting. Therefore, election results have been approved in a total of 57 out of 60 municipalities.

As reported, election results were annulled in Šilutė and Trakai Districts, whereas in Širvintos District only mayoral election results were declared void.

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