Ramūnas Bogdanas

R. Bogdanas. Several signs of stagnation in Lithuania

Leonid Brezhnev has remained a Soviet symbol of stagnation. The poor man could barely move, but he would be led to a tribune so he could mutter a few barely understandable words and stretch forth […]

Kęstas Komskis

Order and Justice party results in Seimas’elections in doubt

Suspicions of vote-buying in Šilutė, in western Lithuania, may call into question the Order and Justice Party‘s overall results in the country’s parliamentary elections, the head of the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) said on Thursday. […]


Social Democrats suggest abolishing single-seat electoral constituencies

The Social Democrats have proposed to completely transform the current election system in Lithuania. Their proposal includes abolishing single-seat constituencies, dividing Lithuania into 10 voting districts. […]