R. Bogdanas. Several signs of stagnation in Lithuania

Ramūnas Bogdanas
DELFI / Karolina Pansevič

Leonid Brezhnev has remained a Soviet symbol of stagnation. The poor man could barely move, but he would be led to a tribune so he could mutter a few barely understandable words and stretch forth his hand to wave to the working classes. You could guess that it was only screen, behind which sharp minds worked.

Unfortunately, the fish deteriorates from the head, and the obsession of procrastinate has engulfed the whole chain. If you have managed to climb up the chair of a Director or the President’s just hold firmly. They spent their energy on that and there was no time to work. The loss of high profile officials meant that you become uninteresting to anyone. Sometimes, the ones who crumbled under such humiliation committed suicide.

It seems nowadays people are free to choose not only the country where he wants to live but also the sector in which he wants to work: whether to engage in private or public sectors. Privately – there are more opportunities to earn money, but there is a greater risk. In a public sector- everything is more defined, but there are higher guarantees.

Speaking about Lithuania, you cannot say that the work of government welfare ceilings are lower because there are public servants, whose salaries are no match for the vast majority of Lithuanian businessmen. Only the latter risk in the market and official won’t sink, if only to he’ll latch n to a party.

Survival virtuosos

Zenonas Vaigauskas keeps his post in the best rules of Soviet nomenclature. And they say that it is important not to blow against the wind, not to argue, and to shrink to the height of a cow hooves and to remain invisible.

Then, regardless of an error, non-compliance with the time requirements is irrelevant. Generally it can be automatically stretched to mummification but political seers in the Parliament should realize that covering the eternal leader, they themselves are becoming the serving personnel in the eyes of the electorate.

Gintautas Kėvišas is very aware about the conductors and other musicians, who seems to be glued to the director chair of the National Theater of Opera and Ballet. It’s hard to leave the safe harbor with a nice name, which is like an additional sail to the business of his son.

Not once caught, but not red handed G. Kėvišas settled down in a government institution, whose reputation is not aided by questionable practices of the Director of the country’s top officials. Plunging into corporate affairs the manager does not remember the he is the final voice in the opera chorus.

An invitation to the Prime Ministers choir cannot be bought, and cost of millions to the for the theater reconstruction partners in Germany, as it appears, however, they have to live not according to the law of Omerta (vow of silence), which serves Sicilian Mafia, but according to the law.

For his return to service of the former Public Service Department of the Social Democrat Osvaldas Šarmavičius states with laws. He left the post of Director immediately the term and returned through the window as a Deputy: through their own provisions approved by the competition, blessed by the jury chairman of the former Social Democrat Evaldas Jankevičius, now working for the Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis as an adviser.

That’s where the true strength of the coalition government is revealed, the unity is held up by a paper clip! The reference values are not open to the public or arguments between Farmers and Social democrats and quiet agreements among themselves. Languages – are for the audience and chairs – for their own.

Social Democracy is in a coma

Such stagnation and is not strange and to the youngest generation of politicians. The Social Democrat party chairman who aspires Mindaugas Sinkevičius admits that he will cherish and foster an old man party core. When there are a limited number of places in the core, the priority will be to his father’s fellow. It will be as it was before.

First round results show that the winner Gintautas Paluckas received such a number of votes that represents his support, but other voices supporting the traditions of the nomenclature, in the second round will go to M. Sinkevičius who was taught that big business calls the shots, and his father, as a former Minister, has shown useful ways for hunting, which can increase the return with trophies.
Not a stagnation but the more active members of the party vote in the second round to put G. Paluckas who has Social Democratic views as president. Now the Lithuanian political spectrum is has a patient niche, which should be taken by solid left political force.

Stagnation between Social Democrats which is occurring either by laziness to vote or fear of change will leave a lot of the persistent coma, which will become a silent death in the stomach of Green Farmers, or the party’s desperate resuscitation fueled by extremely radical measures which is late.

It would be better to get rid of all these rigors quietly, but life is far from ideal.

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