Lithuania’s corruption levels ‘closer to Mozambique than Denmark’

DELFI / Šarūnas Mažeika

Despite the fact Lithuania has risen by seven places in the global corruption perception index and is now in the 32nd place, just 30 points below first-placed Denmark, Muravjovas said the country had a long way to.

“I think that we are quite far away. The difference between us and Denmark is currently the same as between Mozambique and us. Mozambique, the African state, has 31 points. Of course, many are happy we have received the highest ratings of all time, but the excitement is a little too early,” said Muravjovas.

Muravjovas said that in Denmark or Germany almost no one gave bribes, but in Lithuania every fifth person was still doing it. He said those numbers were changing, but too slowly.

“Ordinary people, without any doubt, are closest to the problem of bribery. However, it should be noted that the largest corruption, for which our country loses even more money, is in public procurement,” he said.

On the national anti-corruption program which the Parliament adopted in 2015, Mr. Muravjovas said that laws do not work by themselves and that most institutions which have to implement the national anti-corruption program, do not really understand how this program can help them.

Muravjovas said the state should put more responsibility on the heads of institutions.


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