LNG terminal brings EUR 5.4mn revenue to Klaipėdos Nafta in January

DELFI / Šarūnas Mažeika

During January, more oil products were reloaded both managed by SC Orlen Lietuva and managed by the other clients of the company, which delivered more products from refineries of Belarus and Russia.

In the liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal of the company in January, a total of 505,000 MWh of the natural gas were re-regasified and supplied to the natural gas transmission system (this activity started on 27 November 2014).

The preliminary sales revenues of the company’s Oil terminal and the Subačius fuel base for January comprise EUR 3.7 million (LTL 12.8 million), or by 32 percent more compared to January 2014 (EUR 2.8 million/LTL 9.7 million).

The preliminary sales revenues of the company’s LNG terminal for January 2015 comprise EUR 5.4 million (LTL 18.6 million), which is equal to the one twelfth of the sum of necessary LNG terminal operation costs and return on investments into LNG Terminal infrastructure for the year 2015.

Total preliminary revenue of the company for the January 2015 comprise EUR 9.1 million (LTL 31.4 million) while for the same period of 2014 it was EUR 2.8 million or LTL 9.7 million.

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