Locals throw stones at Syrian teens in Lithuania’s Rukla

A stone
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The police received a report that two local youths had insulted, pushed and thrown stones at two 14-year-old Syrians who were returning from school to the center.

An ambulance was called in as one of the Syrians had red marks on his body and the other felt dizzy and nauseated.

Three police cars were dispatched to the scene. The police are searching for the suspects.

Over 130 refugees from Middle East, relocated to Lithuania under the EU’s resettlement program, currently live in the Rukla center.

The incident comes a couple of weeks after two unknown youths assaulted two female migrants — a Syrian and an Iraqi — who were taking a walk through the town with a baby in a pram.

Angered by the incident, around 30 residents of the center planned to search for the attackers, but were persuaded by the police not to do so. An investigation of the incident is underway.

Lithuania has committed itself to taking in 1,105 migrants from Middle East under the EU’s resettlement program. Around 200 people have been relocated to the country until now.

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