Medical waste converted to alternative fuels by Lithuanian hospital

DELFI / Audrius Solominas

The management of Tauragė hospital in the west of the country said that the hospital was the first to acquire a recycling unit, and said that it would not only make the facility environmentally friendly, but would also save money by converting the waste.

Usually medical waste from medical institutions needs to be specially treated and when decontaminated goes to landfills.

“The machine will make it possible to reduce the volume and weight of waste and will turn it into harmless, environmentally friendly materials which will be used as fuel for boilers,” said Irmantas Mockus, the head of the Tauragė hospital.

To implement the European directive on reducing waste going to landfills by 2020, Tauragė hospital acquired new equipment to help deal with the problem.

Mockus said that waste in Tauragė hospital annually amounts to about 13 tons but the equipment acquired by the hospital can manage up to 90 tons of medical waste. The hospital therefore plans to take waste from other hospitals for treatment and conversion to fuel. Already the main hospital in Alytus is planning to buy similar equipment.


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