Memorial to victims of Stalinist repressions with Lithuanian names unveiled near Moscow

Siberian gulag
Vida Press

The unveiling ceremony was attended by Lithuanian Ambassador to Russia Remigijus Motuzas, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

“Political repressions are one of the most painful and difficult pages of history. The naming of victims on the “Wall of Remembrance” shows that we remember and will not forget them. It will be an important place where everyone will be able to come and honor the memory of those killed and learn more about the regime’s brutality at the time,” the ambassador said.

The new memorial was unveiled in the territory of the former NKVD facility “Komunarka”, a forest-covered area of around 18 ha, some 40km away from the center of Moscow, where 10,000-14,000 victims of Stalinist repressions, including around 500 Lithuanians, were buried in 1937-1941.

The list of the victims also includes outstanding inter-war Lithuanian figures like Interior Ministers Kazys Skučas and Julius Čaplikas and Justice Minister Antanas Tamošaitis.

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