“Mentally unstable” man in bomb hoax outside Lithuanian president’s palace

DELFI / Mindaugas Ažušilis

“This is a man who is mentally unstable and who has repeatedly undergone treatment for certain disabilities. He was both in treatment, on medication and he was on medication constantly,” Lančinskas told journalists.

The police were alerted on Wednesday afternoon about a man carrying a suitcase near the President’s Palace in central Vilnius who was allegedly threatening to blow up a bomb. Officers immediately sealed off the area around the building, which is located opposite the central campus of Vilnius University, and advised the staff of the President’s Office to leave. The President herself was not in the building at the time.

Born in 1982, the suspect is a former taxi driver, divorced. He is of Lithuanian nationality. According to police reports, the man’s home was searched, with other procedural actions underway. The man is currently in detention and underwent medical tests. Prosecutors intend to ask for a court sanction to arrest him.

According to the police, the man acted alone.

The suitcase he brought to the street next to the President’s Office on Wednesday evening did not contain any explosives, just empty plastic bottles.

The suspect was detained by way of electric shock.

The police is investigating an attempted terrorist act, said Lančinskas.

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