Vilnius University (Edgaras Kurauskas photo)

Lithuania’s students are invited to join CERN

The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) invites students from Lithuania for internships and work in the world’s largest particle physics laboratory. This is a unique opportunity for students and specialists from various fields to work in an international team and get to know the scientific work that goes on inside the modern laboratories. […]

Rapolas Žilionis

Vilnius University student with team discovers a new cell type

Webpage of one of the most prestigious scientific journals in the world, Nature, recently published an article “A Single-cell Atlas of the Airway Epithelium Reveals the CFTR-rich Pulmonary Ionocyte”. It centres around the discovery of a new type of cell – pulmonary ionocyte. Dr. Lindsey Plasschaert and Vilnius University (VU) Life Sciences Centre doctorate student Rapolas Žilionis are first authors on this paper. […]

Vilnius University

Lithuanian government okays university network reorganization plan

The Lithuanian government approved on Wednesday a university network reorganization plan worked out by the Education and Science Ministry and will now send it to the parliament. […]

Lithuanian stand in the Munich (Germany) Fair, which will take place June 26-29

90 our of 100 universities in the world request Lithuanian lasers

One of the things Lithuania is best known for is the laser industry. While perhaps not at the very pinnacle of the industry, the country does not compare all too poorly against highly developed states such as the USA, Germany, France, China and others. And at the same time the industry shows no signs of slowing down, with growing sales and increasing numbers of manufacturers, which should keep Lithuania within the top echelon of the laser industry. […]

Students at the University of Vilnius

Lithuania should have 4 universities after reform – working group

Lithuania should have two international-level universities and two technological universities after a planned reform of the current higher education system, a prime minister-appointed working group has decided. […]


Lithuanian professor salaries ‘put them in poverty’

Artūras Žukauskas, the rector at Vilnius University, says he believes that Lithuanian professors’ wages are too low.

To read this article, try a €5.99 monthly subscription by clicking here. […]

Vilnius University

Radical reforms needed in Lithuania’s universities

Some Lithuanian universities spend 80% of government funding on administration rather than on students – a simple reform would be to link government funding to student numbers but according to leading experts, this is just one of the areas that needs to be tackled if the country is to develop a competitive education system. […]