Polish-Jewish Displaced Persons in a Camp near Zeilsheim in 1946. Curtesy of USHMM Washington

Seminar to look into Lithuanian-Jewish experiences as deportees and displaced persons

Colloquium Vilnense invites you to a session at Vilnius University on the survival of Lithuanian Jews in the GULag and their way to Displaced Persons Camps after the end of the war. Violeta Davoliūtė (Vilnius) and Markus Nesselrodt (Berlin) will present their ongoing research. […]

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Vilnius seminar series do address violence and modernity in Eastern Europe

The ‘short 20th century’ — as opposed to ‘the long 19th century’ — was characterized by high levels of destruction. Wars, ideological conflicts, population mobilizations, massive displacements, and genocides lay at the heart of the emergence of modernity across the continent. These questions are addressed in a seminar series organized by Vilnius University and European Humanities University, “Violence and Social Change in Lithuania, Belarus, and Central-Eastern Europe in the 20th Century”. […]

"SpaceX" launch

Vilnius to host international space economy conference

Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania, is going to host the international conference Space Economy in the Multipolar World (SEMWO) on 21-23 October, Vilnius University‘s press service reports. […]

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“Room Service? – Send up a bigger room”

The Shakespeare Hotel in Vilnius started me thinking. Not because of its name, or its book-lined ‘library room’, or even the fact of its proximity to Vilnius University, where I was currently working. The Shakespeare and the Kempinsky in University Street are my two Lithuanian favourites, not least because of the latter’s Tappa snacks. Seared Escalope of Foie Gras and Beluga Lentils, need I say more? […]

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Returning to the land of their grandparents, diaspora learners spend a summer studying Lithuanian at Vilnius University

Schoolchildren throughout Lithuania were looking smart and bearing the traditional gift of flowers for their teachers on 1 September, the first day of school. In Canada, the US, Thailand, and other nations, a slightly older group of Lithuanian students have returned from a summer at Vilnius University studying the language of their grandparents. […]

Algirdas Genevičius

New deputy environment minister appointed in Lithuania

Algirdas Genevičius took office on Friday as Deputy Minister of Environment. He will oversee waste, pollution prevention, water and the European Union support administration areas. […]