Vilnius to host international space economy conference

"SpaceX" launch

It is one of the largest events in the region, focusing on space science, technologies and their commercial application. This year’s SEMWO 2014 will take place for the fifth time in a row. It will bring together space scientists, businessmen, leaders of national space programmes to discuss the latest developments in space economy, its future trends, innovative ideas and technologies, investment possibilities, as well as closer co-operation possibilities.

The conference will feature, among its speakers, high-profile space professionals from the established space superpowers: the US, Japan, the European Union and newcomers – India, Middle East countries.

During the last couple of years Lithuania started showing its great ambitions to slowly approach the global space players with the assistance of NASA and JAXA. This year the first Lithuanian satellites LituanicaSAT-1 and LitSat-1 were launched into space. This historical event opened the possibilities for unique space experiments and promoted the development of high technologies in Lithuania, Vilnius University said.

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