MEP Guoga to give up Australian citizenship ahead of elections in Lithuania

Antanas Guoga
DELFI / Orestas Gurevičius

“I am renouncing Australian citizenship not because of the elections, but because I respect Lithuania’s legal system. I realize that I cannot be fully involved in Lithuania’s political life and contribute to building a prosperous Lithuania by having dual citizenship,” Guoga said in a statement.

Issued by the MEP’s office, it also states that Guoga acquired Australian citizenship at his mother’s request in 1984 when he emigrated to Australia at the age of 11.

“It took some time to work the procedures out. Renouncing citizenship is a long process. It probably won’t be possible to do this by the deadline for the registration of candidates for the October Seimas elections. But I plan to take an active part in the election campaign and support the colleagues I believe in,” Guoga said.

People with dual citizenship cannot run for parliament in Lithuania as the second citizenship is considered a pledge to a foreign state.

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