MEP Mazuronis to stand for Labour Party in elections

Valentinas Mazuronis
DELFI / Tomas Vinickas

Labour Party chairman and MEP Valentinas Mazuronis on Saturday announced his intention to participate in the parliamentary elections and lead the party‘s list in the multi member constituencies.

“I understand that the chairman of the party must be in front of the team and now I am ready for that. I will continue to work actively with our entire team as party chairman, I am ready to lead electoral list, if we decide that it should be so,” said Mazuronis.

If Mazuronis is elected to the parliament, he will have to give up his seat in the European Parliament. Analysts had previously criticised his decision not to stand for the party in the upcoming elections and instead hold on to his European Parliament seat.

In November parliament has adopted amendments providing that powers of the European Parliament and municipal council members‘ will have to be automatically eliminated if they are elected to the parliament.

Speaking about the aims of the party in the forthcoming elections, Mazuronis said that by 2020, the Labour Party will target a €656 minimum monthly wage and an increase in average salaries to €1110, tax-exempt income will be raise to the level of the minimum monthly wage and the average pension will increase up to €422.

Mazuronis also promised a strong no to refugees and solid yes to state defence capacity-building in all its forms.

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