MEP says Uspaskich should trust decisions of Lithuanian courts

Viktoras Uspaskichas
DELFI (R. Achmedov)

Guoga said he trusted the Lithuanian law enforcement and voted for the issue to end and for the ruling of Lithuanian courts to be recognised because it was time to move forward.

“I have told Viktor that it is not too bad to be imprisoned. If you take the path into politics and something happens and the court finds you guilty, then you might have to spend some time in prison and face the penalty. I do not think there is any other way. If you participate in elections in that country, it means you trust it. He decided to enter elections in Lithuania, which means he trusts Lithuania (&) and should acknowledge decisions made by Lithuanian courts,” Guoga told ELTA news agency on the phone from Brussels.

Guoga congratulated Uspaskich and his team on managing to successfully procrastinate legal immunity revocation for 10 months. Guoga said that his party colleague Petras Auštrevičius also voted in favour of lifting Uspaskich’s legal immunity. However he was unaware how other Lithuanian MEPs voted. He was also surprised that some MEPs proposed to return the issue to the Legal Affairs Committee.

Another Lithuanian MEP, Gabrielius Landsbergis, also spoke positively about the decision. According to him, justice triumphed at last. Landsbergis said that Uspaskich put major effort to preserve his immunity – he announced a hunger strike and came to a sitting on crutches and had been sending messages to all members of the European Parliament for days. Landsbergis urged his colleagues not to give in for the propaganda spectacle and afterwards was pleased that they remained principled and consistent. He said the EP must not be a safe haven to hide from justice waiting for the limitation period to take effect.

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