Minister “ban everything” – will absurd situations not occur?

Aurelijus Veryga
DELFI / Domantas Pipas

The new Minister of Healthcare Aurelijus Veryga says that it is not the case that the new government arrived only to establish certain restrictions, however certain problems need quick resolution.

“We always have to consider if the proposals are justified or not. With children’s’ champagne, which is bottled and distributed mostly along the lines of alcoholic beverages, the goal is simple – such an approach has existed for a number of years in tobacco control. The goal is simple – to eliminate one of the marketing methods that forms social skills and understanding at a young age,” the minister explained at the INFO TV studio, reported.

Veryga pointed out that it isn’t the drink that is harmful, just that it forms a sort of habit, that during certain celebrations, a bottle should be placed on the table.

When asked how toy guns in children’s toy stores should be handled, the minister stated that for now he is not looking into the matter. According to him, first psychologists should be referred to to discuss the influence such toys do to children.

“It won’t solve everything, but all problems are made out of certain components. If we solve a portion and impact two or three percent of the population, helping at least this much, why shouldn’t we do so? And those drinks themselves are neither healthy, nor useful, nor necessary in any way for children,” the minister asked rhetorically.

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