Minister threatens to terminate contracts with companies failing to deliver pensions

The minister invited representatives from Sodra and the company delivering in the regions causing most concern Bastaras to explain themselves.

“It is clear that the company delivering pensions is unable to adhere to the pension delivery schedule and this led to a number of senior citizens’ pensions being delivered later than usual, which is unacceptable. I promise that if pensions are not delivered by the agreed date this month, the delivery contracts will be terminated,” Social Security and Labour Minister L. Kukuraitis stated.

Sodra is charged with ensuring that this month, all pensions are to be delivered to retirees in Vilnius and Kaunas in due time, by January 26, aiming to deliver pensions as close to the day the senior citizen received their pension before.

Retirees are urged to allow pension delivery staff in to claim their pension and if doubts arise or if one’s pension does not arrive over three days on the normal schedule, to inform Sodra on the phone number 1883.

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