Move to simplify residence permit procedures for foreigner start-up founders

IT specialistas dirba serverinėje
Vida Press

Lithuania‘s parliament, the Seimas, accepted a proposal submitted by the government to simplify residence permit issuance procedures for start-up founders and their families on Thursday.

The proposal includes the creating by the government of a list of professions that require high qualification professionals from overseas that Lithuania lacks.

Temporary residence permits would also be issued faster: within one month or through accelerated procedure within 15 days. This procedure currently takes 1-4 months.

It is also proposed that a foreigner studying in Lithuania could work for up to 20 hours per week from the beginning of their studies, rather than from the second year of studies as it is currently specified.

70 MPs voted for the draft, none were against or abstained. The parliamentary committees will begin discussing the draft.

Under the current regulations, employers are required to pay a highly skilled foreigner professional a salary at least twice above the average wage. The proposal has it lowered to the equivalent of 1.5 average wages.

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