MP addresses State Security Department over anti-Lithuanian propaganda

Artūras Paulauskas
DELFI / Kiril Čachovskij

“Leaflets are questioning Lithuania’s accession to the European Union saying that the referendum was falsified, the main state affairs are called criminal. The information is aimed at destabilising the situation in Lithuania, to divide the public. One could say that propaganda is spread inside Lithuania in an attempt to set it against foreign partners, incite hatred that may be taken advantage of by hostile sides,” said the chairman.

According to Paulauskas, such leaflets may be distributed throughout the country, therefore the VSD should take action and stop dissemination of disinformation.

“Instigation of national and socialist revolution is a clear provocation. Our people should be wary of such publications, while publishers of such information should be held accountable for anti-state activities,” said Paulauskas.

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