National energy strategy to be discussed with Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists

Minister of Energy Rokas Masiulis will present the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists with the country’s energy strategy.

The industrial organisation has previously complained that the strategy’s approval is being delayed and that it is not being discussed widely enough. Masiulis hopes that the discussions will be able to refine certain guidelines.

The National Energy Strategy, which was presented to the public a month ago, will define the country’s energy guidelines for the next five years.

Robertas Dargis, the president of the Confederation of Industrialists, said that the strategy must be renewed because Lithuania has already strengthened its energy independence. According to him, the most important current issues are sources of renewable energy, competitive pricing and the construction of a nuclear power plant.

Masiulis hopes that the industrialists, as the country’s primary energy consumers, will focus on local energy production. The strategy will be submitted to the Seimas for deliberation in autumn, though it is believed that it will be confirmed by the new Seimas after the elections.


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