Netflix failed to impress Lithuanians

After launching in Lithuania this year, Netflix did not bring any major changes into the local market, as only a minority of people signed up for the service, according to a Sprinter Tyrimai survey commissioned by cable television Cgates.

The survey asked Lithuanians how they usually watch video content. Netflix is preferred by only 1.6% of the population. Almost every tenth Lithuanian (9.1%) chooses online platforms of the major TV channels, and slightly smaller proportion (8.5%) download video content illegally from the internet.

Among the 18-25 year old respondents 22.4% watch video content illegally and 15.7% of them actively use internet platforms of TV channels.

Almost half, 49.2%, of Lithuanians use the common cable TV or smart TV. Another 16% say they do not watch video content at all.

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