New car sales skyrocket in May

Lithuania’s new vehicle registry in May had 46% more new vehicles in it than during the same time last year. A report indicates that 2,395 new automobiles were registered in May compared to 1,642 in May of last year.

Of course, AutoTyrimai, the company analysing Regitra’s data, also indicated that 358 of the vehicles registered in May were deregistered before the month was over. Another 15 more vehicles will be deregistered soon.

The report claims that personal automobile registration grew by 47% in May. 2,137 personal vehicles were registered over the month. Commercial vehicle sales were somewhat slower with 238 being registered – 38% more than during the same month last year.

The most popular vehicles during this period were Fiat with 372 new registered vehicles, Toyota with 321 new vehicles, and Volkswagen with 288 new vehicles.

From January to May, 9,888 new light personal and commercial automobiles were registered in Lithuania, representing an increase of 27% over the same period last year.

Verlso Žinios

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