New €5.6m military building to house foreign troops in Šiauliai

“This project is yet another Lithuanian step in improving the host nation support for the arriving NATO soldiers. We want to ensure accommodation for soldiers and adequate conditions to carry out their tasks,” said Defence Minister Juozas Olekas.

The Air Force Aviation Base in Šiauliai is the main deployment location for the NATO contingent carrying out the air policing mission in the Baltic States. Soldiers participating in military exercises, logistical supplies for the NATO allies involved in exercises in Lithuania arrive to and depart from Lithuania through this military aerodrome.

A building in the air base will be for a temporary accommodation. It will be able to accommodate about 200 people. The estimated cost of the project is €5.6 million.

The construction of a sports complex, fire protection hangar, new hangars and platforms for newly acquired helicopters, fixed hangars for jets and other engineering infrastructure are planned at the air base.

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