New giant turbine wind farm to supply 12% of Lithuania’s wind power

Estonian renewable energy company Nelja Energia has begun energy production at its 60MW wind farm in Šilutė in the south west of Lithuania, its biggest wind farm in the Baltic States.

The wind farm will supply 12% of the total wind power capacity in Lithuania and consists of 24 turbines each with a capacity of 2.5 MW.

“The location of Šilutė wind farm has one of the best wind conditions in the Baltics. This together with the next-generation wind technology such as larger rotors and taller towers is expected to result nearly 50% more power output of wind turbines compared to the previous generation”, said Martin Kruus, the Chairman of the Board of the Nelja Energia group.

The height of the wind turbine towers is 110 meters and the rotor diameter 120 meters. The construction of Šilute wind farm began in 2015 after the company won an auction for new capacity.

“All the construction and electrical work has been completed and we are now connecting to the grid turbine by turbine,” said Tadas Navickas, the CEO of UAB 4energia.

The total investment in the Šilutė wind farm is over €100 million and the projected yearly energy production of the wind farm is 230 GWh.

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