North Korea ‘irresponsible and provocative’, Minister Linkevičius says

North Korea said it tested an H-bomb

“The behaviour of North Korea is indeed irresponsible, provocative and generates tension, whether such testing did happen or not,” Linkevičius said on the radio M-1 Plius.

He noted that, besides North Korea’s own reports, there was no independent confirmation that it had indeed tested a hydrogen bomb.

The UN will doubtlessly condemn the suspected test, but the Security Council is unlikely make any concrete decisions during its extraordinary meeting, Linkevičius said. The institution’s numerous earlier crisis-handling decisions have been vetoed by Russia and China, he added.

“We should not have any illusions that any resolute measures could be adopted,” he said.

Pyongyang allegedly tested the bomb in the early hours of Wednesday. The step has already been condemned by the United States, South Korea, Japan and Russia.

The US Geological Survey registered seismic waves equivalent to a 5.1 magnitude earthquake around the suspected testing site in North Korea.

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