World War Three: Inside the War Room. Image: BBC

Lithuanian analysts unconvinced by BBC’s World War Three scenario

A recent programme aired by the BBC explores a hypothetical doomsday scenario of a nuclear stand-off between Russia and NATO over Latvia. Analysts in Lithuania say it presents too simplistic a take on geopolitical realities in Eastern Europe which, in itself, could erode confidence in NATO‘s collective defence commitments. […]

Foreign affairs

Iran – new and strong player

Not long ago, on 2 April 2015 an agreement was reached in Lausanne, Switzerland, that was referred to as “historic”. The agreement was concluded between The Six (five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council + Germany) and the Islamic Republic of Iran. Iran takes the responsibility to reduce the enrichment of Uranium and the West, in return, is ready to lift some sanctions. The Lausanne Agreement was assessed positively. However, there are some sceptics thinking that the Agreement includes particular threats. […]