Opinion: Results of Russian bombings in Syria

Vytautas Dumbliauskas
DELFI / Kiril Čachovskij

By involving Russia into the war in Syria, President Vladimir Putin is soothing the inferiority complex that plagues a considerable part of the Russian society. It wishes that Russia were an equal superpower to the US, a position that the Soviet Union had. This complex prevents Russians from realising that Russia will never match the US either economically, or technologically and militarily. While the Americans are confused by such pushy behaviour from Russia, Mr. Putin and his admirers can feel equal to the US.

Another result of Russia’s involvement in Syria is that Moscow has secured a seat at the table negotiating Syria’s future. Furthermore, Mr. Putin succeeded in including Iran, a supporter of Bashar al-Assad’s regime, in the negotiations. Russia has also managed to escape isolation it was put into due to its actions in Ukraine. The Syrian problem can no longer be solved without Russia and this is how Mr. Putin is showing that he has re-established Russia as an important global player.

Mr. Putin has secured a victory against US President Barack Obama by showing he does not leave his allies, something that Mr. Obama is criticised for vis-a-vis the Syrian opposition.

A growing number of refugees is also a result of the Russian bombings. There is enough evidence that Russia has bombed housing estates and hospitals. It is estimated that because of Russia’s bombings, 120,000 people have become refugees. After a month of bombing, the world is sure that Russia‘s aim is not to achieve peace and stability, but to fuel war and chaos.

After President Putin has started building his power at home on successful wars against allegedly offensive Americans, Ukrainians and Islamist terrorists, he cannot stop. President Putin will need new small and successful wars, because without them it will become clear that the emperor has no clothes, that the success of his government was based on booming oil prices and little else.

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