Parkas Outlet shopping centre reopening after reconstruction

The Parkas Outlet shopping centre in the Šiaurės Miestelis area of Vilnius is reopening on December 12.

The shopping centre will seek to attract Lithuanians to do their outlet shopping in Lithuania, rather than going abroad, for example to Poland.

Following a €7 million reconstruction project Ogmios Centras, the owner of the shopping centre, seeks to attract a number of outlet stores with their renewed premises, noting that some brands expressed interest in opening stores in the centre, but were dissuaded by the unappealing looks of the building itself.

The reconstruction was initiated not only for aesthetic improvements, but also in order to make for more space to tenants. The entirety of the renewed shopping centre has already been rented out to various stores such as Ecco, Mustang, Trespass, Regatta, Columbia and Hummel, to name a few.

Outlet Park will contain outlets for designer clothing, footwear, sports and leisure as well as tourism related stores, with its second floor dedicated to a sports, leisure and children’s zone.

Shopping centres have a limited life cycle, points out Mindaugas Kulbokas, Head of Research and Analysis at NewSec research and analysis group. “Shopping centres have five years to offer something to their clients, to be discovered again. We see this with Akropolis and Ozas where they have constructed dinosaurs. People get bored seeing the same over and over again,” he commented.

Similarly, with the competition continuing to increase with the arrival of a new competitor in the form of the Nordica shopping centre, it was time for Ogmios Centras to take steps to renew their property.


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