Pay gap between men and women deepens in Lithuania

Statistics Lithuania has announced that pay gap in business enterprises was even larger and stood at 16.3 percent, even though it decreased 0.3 percentage points since 2012.

Pay gap between men and women in the public sector (except public administration, defence and compulsory social security) stood at 13.3 percent in 2013. In the private sector it was 15.8 percent.

The largest pay gap in 2013 was registered in companies engaged in financial and insurance services (39.9 percent), information and communications (27.8 percent), manufacturing (25.7 percent), health care and social work (22.3 percent), wholesale and retail trade (22.3 percent), motor vehicle and motorcycle repairs (22.3 percent), and other services (20.9 percent).

The discrepancy in work compensation for men and women was mostly due to social and economical rather than legal factors: the number of men and women engaged in certain activities, their profession, education, age, work experience, etc, according to Statistics Lithuania.

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