Why Lithuanians prefer to work for foreign employers

A lack of skilled employees has become a common complaint among Lithuanian employers. Representatives from international companies based in Lithuania assure that the problem will solve itself once the Lithuanian labour market and work culture start to change. […]

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Seimas passes sexual harassment and gender equality amendments

The Lithuanian parliament (Seimas) has passed a set of legal amendments design to prevent gender-based discrimination in the workplace and to make existing Lithuanian discrimination laws more similar to European Union law.

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Could a shorter working week be better for Lithuania’s economy?

Conventional wisdom says that the more time you spend at work, the more you accomplish but that has been challenged recently by psychologists and new initiatives in Sweden where employees are trialling six-hour working days. Could this also work in Lithuania? […]


Lithuanian unions to stage protest action in Vilnius

Lithuanian trade unions will stage a protest action outside the government buildings on Friday to demand, among other things, better conditions for working parents. […]