Biggest salaries in Lithuania exceed €250k a month

In the first half of 2016, 145 people in Lithuania received monthly wages in excess of €50,000. The biggest monthly salary in the first half of this year was over €250,000.

“In most cases they are employees of international businesses or large companies in the Lithuanian market, usually older than 35 years, with higher education. Regarding profession, they can be specialists of very different orientations, however, they have achieved leadership positions. For example, business management, economic science specialists, engineers. In fact, people who have reached a career peak,” said CV Market marketing manager Raimonda Tatarėlytė.

According to her, currently there are slightly more men who get the highest salaries in Lithuania than women.

Swedbank chief economist Nerijus Mačiulis said that the biggest salaries are not at all high compared to wages of global companies’ executives. “Not only the minimum salary or average salary is low [in Lithuania], but the highest wages as well if compared to those in the Western countries,” said Mačiulis.


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