Half of Lithuanians look for additional revenue sources

Half of all Lithuanians are taking on additional work to supplement income from their main job, according to a survey.

Fifty percent of Lithuanians said they had some source of additional income over the last 12 months, while the same is true of 44% of Latvians and 39% of Estonians, shows Swedbank Baltic population survey.

The most popular ways to get additional income in the Baltic countries are freelancing, consulting, house maintenance or repair services, child care.

Freelance services, production or collection of food products like berries or mushrooms are far more popular ways to get additional revenue in Lithuania than in Latvia or Estonia.

“The growing number of people with business licenses and individual activity certificates over the last few years shows the growing entrepreneurship of the population and the desire to earn additional income,” said Odeta Bložienė, the head of Swedbank finance institute in Lithuania.

“The fact that Lithuania has the biggest share of the working population that take on additional work, compared to neighbouring Latvia and Estonia, is partly to do with favourable conditions for self-employment and the level of income and the necessary expenses ratio.”


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