What jobs do migrants take in Lithuania?

Despite difficulties for third-country nationals to integrate into the Lithuanian labour market, their number in the country is growing.

The most popular occupation among migrants in Lithuania is long-distance drivers, the employment for as many as 92% of foreigners.

According to Lithuania‘s labour exchange, in addition to long distance drivers, a few foreigners have been employed as metal hull assemblers, welders and cooks.

Lithuania is often chosen by nationals from the neighbouring countries. More than half of third-country nationals that came to Lithuania last year were from Ukraine. Many migrant workers have come form Belarus, Moldova and Russia.

It is more difficult for third-country nationals to get employed in Lithuania than for foreigners from EU states. Non-EU nationals must first receive a permission to work and find a job before they are allowed to come to the country.

To employ a non-EU citizen, employer must notify the labour exchange. For a month, the labour exchange advertises the position on its system.

“During this period, the labour exchange is looking for a suitable candidate who is Lithuanian or EU citizen. If the candidate is not found, the employer may provide documentation for work permits for foreigners,” said Lithuanian Labour Exchange communication division head Jūratė Baublienė.


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