Central/Eastern Europe

Western reality and our responsibility

Immediately after Putin launched Russia’s war against Ukraine last year, it seemed that the West had really woken up from the lethargy of geopolitical laziness and had embarked on a decisive strategy, not only to […]

Alexander Lukashenko
Central/Eastern Europe

Is holding Lukashenka’s regime accountable a tangible goal or merely a pipe dream?

Belarusian opposition activist Pavel Latushko at the conference “Responsibility of Lukashenka’s Regime for Crimes Against Humanity and Migrant Crisis: Prospects for International Justice,” stated that Russia’s President Vladimir Putin often appears to have a more […]

Klaipėda Port
Central/Eastern Europe

Western optimism has turned into months of waiting: sanctions don’t seem to be working for Russia

Western optimism that sanctions on Russian goods will soon bring Russia to its knees has turned into months of waiting, but the aggressor’s economy has not collapsed, lrytas.lt portal reported. Summer and autumn have passed, […]

Belarussian troops

Будет ли в Беларуси мобилизация? Что говорят власти и жители

Военнообязанные беларусы cмогут эмигрировать только с согласия военкомата, если власти одобрят изменения в закон о порядке въезда и выезда из Беларуси. 12 октября парламент принял его в первом чтении. 50 ополченцев на деревню Уехать жить […]