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Foreign affairs

Januška counts Nausėda’s mistakes: “An example of poor politics”

Lithuania cannot act effectively on its own in foreign affairs, so it must always seek allies. This could be said of the European Union’s Eastern policy, which, for Lithuania, means significant efforts to restrain the […]

Presidential palace

Laurinkus. Nausėda doesn’t need to “find his place”, he is exactly where he needs to be

The discussion Lithuanian Foreign Policy Outlook, where President G. Nausėda answered questions presented by the director of the Eastern Europe Studies Centre L. Kojala and others, convinced me that it should absolutely be the president […]

Central/Eastern Europe

A. Kubilius: “would you like to have a power plant built by Lukashenko and Rosatom barely 30 km away from the European Parliament building?”

Last week, when the EP members expressed their concern regarding the started operation of the Astravets Nuclear Power Plant and demanded that it did not commence any commercial activity until all EU safety recommendations are […]

Protests in Minsk

MEPs to Belarusian military: defend your people, not citizen Lukashenko

Members of the European Parliament call for the Belarusian military to defend the Belarusian people, rather than blindly following and executing Lukashenko’s illegal orders–inherently attacking them. Some 25 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) from […]