Ukraine is under attack from Belarus: where are Belarusians?

Ukraina, Kijevas
Ukraine Artūras Morozovas

Chairman of the Lithuanian Parliament Committee on Defence and Securit Laurynas Kasčiūnas gives a short analysis of the situation in Ukraine on his Facebook wall. The chairman is also asking about the Belarusian civil society. Having in mind that Russia has taken the Belarusian sovereignty away and is using Belarusian land to attack Ukraine but the Belarusian civil society is nowhere seen around. Read his post here.

Sirens wail in Kyiv, Kharkiv and Chernihiv, awaiting bombing. Russian saboteur groups dressed in Ukrainian military uniforms are operating in Kyiv, some of which have been dismantled. Some of them are Chechen special forces fighters with a reputation for brutality. Russia aims to encircle and attack Kyiv today.

The Ukrainian forces are defending themselves heroically. Russia has failed to take the city of Kharkiv, which is resisting the invaders, even though it had hoped to do so on the first day. Ukrainian forces, including conscripts, defeated the Russian elite forces at Antonov airfield. The border guards slashed a Russian warship that was demanding surrender and were killed. A young Ukrainian soldier blew up a bridge to slow down a column of Russian equipment, knowing that he himself would die. These are just a few examples of heroism. In addition, Ukrainian civilians are flocking to mobilisation centres in large numbers as volunteers.

The Ukrainian armed forces and the whole of Ukraine are not giving up and are fighting.

Today, unfortunately, the European Union has failed to do what it must do in the face of the death that Russia is sowing and the honourable struggle of Ukrainians for their homeland.

Although not much, there have been protests in Moscow and St Petersburg, but complete silence in Belarus, from whose territory the Russian occupation army is attacking Kyiv. The complete loss of Belarusian sovereignty took place yesterday. That country no longer seems to exist.

But where are the Belarusians? Will they remain silent when their neighbours are being killed from their own territory and helping the Russian occupiers? I think it is time for the Belarusian opposition to call the people to the streets, not only in solidarity with the Ukrainians, but also to defend, above all, the independence of their own state, and the EU must now hit the Minsk regime with the harshest sanctions for its involvement in the aggression against Ukraine.

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