Pentecostals recognized as religious community in Lithuania

Vida Press

Lithuania’s first Pentecostal community was founded in Biržai in 1912, with bylaws registered in 1923. According to the latest census of 2011, 1,852 individuals identified themselves as members the Pentecostal belief, which includes 23 communities in Lithuania.

Under the law, the status of a state-recognized religious community is granted to an applying community, if it counts more than 25 years, its teaching is in line with the law and morals, as well as it has support from the society.

Up until now, the Lithuanian parliament has granted the status to the Lithuanian Evangelical Baptists and the Seventh Day Adventist Church. The application of the Lithuanian New Apostolic Church is still pending.

Lithuania has nine traditional religious communities, namely, the Roman Catholic Church, the Greek Catholic Church, the Evangelical Lutheran Church, the Evangelical Reformist Church, the Orthodox Church, the Old Believers’ Church, the Judaism Church, the Muslim Sunit Church and the Karaite Church.

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