PM: President failed to pass impartiality test during Seimas elections

Algirdas Butkevičius
DELFI / Domantas Pipas

“She indeed fail the test of impartiality, and I am not afraid to say this. I believe presidents, speaking in plural, should not and should not be able to behave like this,” Butkevičius told a news conference on Wednesday.

“I believe it was very well-prepared strategy with certain keywords, i.e., renewal, changes, recovery. The other trend was aimed directly at the government, which was very painful for me as a person to hear: ‘corruption’, ‘thieves’, ‘incapable government’. After repeating the keywords on a regular basis for about a year, a large share of the population starts believing them,” said the head of the outgoing government.

He wished Saulius Skvernelis, the Lithuanian Peasant and Green Union’s candidate for prime minister, to secure support from the President’s Office.

On Monday, the Lithuanian Peasant and Green Union and the Social Democrats officially opened coalition talks. The Peasant and Green Union won 56 mandates in Lithuania’s 141-seat parliament in the recent elections, while the Social Democrats won 17. The conservatives with 31 mandates was he 2nd party in the elections, however, is not taking part in the talks and should remain in opposition.

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