PM Skvernelis admits current govt coalition isn’t the best

Saulius Skvernelis
DELFI / Domantas Pipas

The head of government says that he feels that the Social Democrats want to provoke the collapse of the government.

In an interview to the news website, the prime minister, who was appointed to the post by the LFGU, reiterated that the government often worked under minority conditions and that the coalition with the Social Democrats gave it only a formal majority in the parliament.

“Yes, I was naive. I did think that with the majority in the Seimas, we would have no problem carrying out the program agreed with the coalition partners. I can see now that this is more a formal majority,” Skvernelis said.

“I feel that the new Social Democratic leader (Gintautas Paluckas) has made the decision to leave the coalition. Of course, this is not yet the opinion of the (LSDP) political group in the Seimas, but if the coalition partners decide (to leave), then we will have no choice but accept their decision,” he added.

However, the prime minister has doubts if it would be possible to form a minority government or a new majority coalition. When asked if he would agree to head a minority government, Skvernelis said that he doubted whether this might happen.

“I would think very seriously and, to tell the truth, I doubt if this would happen. On the other hand, I see no alternatives to the current majority. If that would be needed to ensure the stability of the state, I would have no choice. My decision will depend on whether I will be able to continue reforms. If this is not possible, then I see no point in being prime minister,” he said.

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