PM to invite European retailers to invest in Lithuania

“I will sign a letter this week, inviting 12 major investors from EU states, operating retail chains, to come and invest in Lithuania as the government’s decisions now allow investing, having safe investment conditions, having good return on investment, and these decisions will be made,” he told journalists after a meeting with representatives of major retailers in Lithuania.

During a meeting with visiting German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday, Skvernelis invited German retail chain Kaufland to come to Lithuania.

On Wednesday, the prime minister once again pledged to support small businesses, increase competition in the trade sector and stabilize rising prices. He rejected retailers’ claims that Lithuania is a country of the lowest prices and said his government will discuss certain measures next week.

German retail chain Lidl now operates in Lithuania, which, alongside Kaufland, belongs to the same German retail group, Schwarz Gruppe.

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