Policeman’s death puts focus on officers’ safety

Liudas Šimkus
DELFI (V.Spurytės nuotr.)

The 36-year-old officer was killed last Friday when he responded to a domestic violence call in a small village.

Officer Liudas Šimkus was sent to Tryškiai, a village in the District of Telšiai, after the police was called up because a local resident, 26-year-old Artūras Noreika, who was intoxicated, was allegedly beating his mother and threatening to burn down their house.

Šimkus, who arrived in Tryškiai on Friday afternoon, tried to restrain the man. They grappled when Noreika pulled out a knife and stabbed the police officer in the neck. Šimkus later died.

Minister of the Interior Tomas Žilinskas has ordered an internal investigation over the officer’s death.

He is also holding a meeting with police leaders and unions to discuss whether sufficient measures are in place to ensure the safety of on-duty police officers.

The officers’ union has said that the police leadership should be held responsible for the tragedy, since it has failed to make sure policemen are safe.

Meanwhile the Lithuania’s chief of police has cautioned against jumping to conclusions, while admitting that the police should spend more funds on equipping and properly training officers.

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