President stresses importance of German leadership for European solidarity

German flag
DELFI / Domantas Pipas

“The efforts, leadership and example of your country for enhancing the solidarity of our continent, supporting democratic movement in Europe and its neighborhood are highly appreciated by the partner states, including Lithuania and its citizens who will never forget the support extended by the German people to our free and independent state,” the president wrote in her message of congratulations.

In Grybauskaite’s words, the commemoration of German Unity Day carries its importance to these days, when Europe encounters multiple challenges that first and foremost are a test to our unity. The night in early hours of Oct. 3 1990 testified the beginning of a new era of concord and dialogue, freedom and democracy not only to Germans but to all Europeans alike. Germany has focused on the hard and necessary work for Europe to be united rather than divided by artificial or aggressive walls, reads the press release.

“Germany’s voice on urgent continental and international issues remains highly important as it speaks of the true meaning of European values and principles. I would like to take the opportunity to wish the German people strength in fostering the spirit of modern Germany, loyalty to democracy and freedom,” the Lithuanian president said in her message.

A year after the demolition of the Berlin Wall in a peaceful revolution, the reunification treaty stepped into force on October 3 1990.

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